Dialog Submission

The actions you can execute in the campaign mode are..

  • action - execute main action (main action type)
  • pickup - execute action of the style of picking something up - (sub main action type)
  • question - question action (main action type)
  • end - ends test
  • start - starts test
  • scp - selects scp
  • open door - opens the door to the containment / 2nd start command.

Follow the flow graph below the creation engine for better possible outcome understanding.

When your submission is received by Aubarino,
he will convert and tweek your submission code to be compatible with the game and etc.

Your submission will be 100% rejected if it has many spelling mistakes,
is not well mastered in the style of the SCP Foundation, is way too long, is a literal meme, does not interconnect well and other reasons alike.
So keep that in mind when creating your submission for a SCP's campaign mode.

Submit SCP's at SCP:Terminal's freesuggestionbox page.

You can suggest a SCP number on it's own, a SCP:Terminal Creation Engine code and a SCP number or just suggest general tweaks - content to already existent SCP's in the game.

If you use The SCP:Terminal Creation Engine you will be making dialog for the pre scripted campaign - testing mode, currently all event mode processes are handled in-system, by aubarino and also by AI elements, If you wish to request possible traits, styles and aspects of SCP outcomes in the event mode, you can do so directly to Aubarino himself or the freesuggestionbox page for SCP:Terminal ;SCP suggestion.

The SCP:Terminal Creation Engine

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