In SCP:Terminal 0.2-6+ there is external database server support, so this site domain is partly being used to store ingame data; while also acting as a Wiki / Forum.

The Event mode of the game is AI / Procedurally generated.
But the main / Campaign mode is hand scripted.

If you wish to submit dialog for a future SCP in SCP:Terminal in the Campaign mode,
or dialog templates for the event mode. Please visit the Dialog Submission Guide page.

Recent news.

  • The 2020 April Fools version has been released, Check it out on it's IndieDB page. Happy April Fools!
  • First stages of a key-code input system overhaul have been completed behind the scenes and will hopefully be implemented into the development build soon.
  • The experimental SCP:Terminal Creation Engine was implemented Here
  • SCP-963 was added to the experimental development build of 0.3-t1 of SCP:Terminal.

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