Site Rules

Site Rules - General Standardised T.O.S

Please follow the "standardised tos"
By using this site - any other sources that follow these rules, you agree to the "standardised tos" and all statements - rules that come with it; if you do not follow these rules, you will be met with the appropriate punishment.

You can report rule breakers via the discord server Here
Please visit the 🚩report🏃 channel and comment with..
the location of the rule break, the source of the rule break and the person / information responsible for the offence.

These rules are on average, the following..

  • No racist, derogatory or homophobic terms in the context that would make them offensive, racist, derogatory or homophobic. "out'ruleing the usage of them on the page, and the original source of the text - alike" So if it's quoting a character, log or etc, it's fine; but most other usages according to the above statement are over'ruled.

  • No posting NSFW - Pornographic content - Media of sexual intent, in area's not directly designed / meant for this kind of generally vulgar media.

  • If you enter an area designed / meant for NSFW content - Pornographic content - Media of sexual intent and generally any other kind of vulgar media, by entering that area - section; you agree to what you will find and should expect what you will find in there. This rule applies to all ages, so if you go into an area of content that you are not legally of the correct age to view or may be disturbing for you - yourself to view. do so as your own choice and whatever comes with that falls onto you as the viewer of that content.

  • If you use photos, video, media and etc that contains persons / likenesses who you have the means - ability to contact to ask for consent, you must do so, if their answer is that of rejection; you must redact that media and re-upload alternate media or edit the media - usage of that media via their wishes and that of possible other persons / likenesses.

  • This site - wiki follows the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License and any extortion, exploitation or etc of this license will be met to with the correct reaction, This site - wiki follows this license along side the SCP Wiki and will not impact on that site - wiki as of it being it's own domain; But cross-site implementation and linking may occur, in that case this site will still remain separate but be linked in the correct legal suit's of the linking - link standpoint

These rules will be subject to change, so please regularly recheck these rules, you may not be notified of their change.

These rules will also apply to all other sources of Aubarino's media, Such as his Discord server, patreon, twitter, twitch and etc. With small variation according to the medium of the location.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License